Back Mount Brackets

Our back mounting brackets are used to install the Racetech 4100, 119 and 129 series seats by fixing the shoulder beam of the seat back to the rollcage. 

RTB3115B Adjustable Alloy Back Bracket

RTB3115B: Racetech 2-piece 5mm aluminum (5083) bracket for back-mounting seats. This reconfigurable, adjustable bracket bolts to the shoulder bea..

$119.99 USD Ex Tax:

RTB2115B - Alloy Back Bracket

RTB2115B: Racetech 5mm aluminum (5083) bracket for back-mounting seats. This bracket bolts to the shoulder beam of Racetech 119 and 4100 Series s..

$99.99 USD Ex Tax:

RTB1006B - Alloy Back Bracket

RTB1006B & RTB1006BW: Racetech 6mm aluminium bracket for back-mounting seats. To meet FIA 8862-2009, this bracket must be used with Racetech 129 s..

$99.99 USD Ex Tax:

RTB2005C - Alloy Clamps

RTB2005C Racetech aluminum clamps for back-mounting seats. Precision cut from a 20mm thick 6061 alloy sheet. Sold as a pair these clamps fix..

$169.99 USD Ex Tax:

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