Side Mount Brackets

Racetech alloy and steel side mounting brackets compatible with our range of motorsport seats. The 3mm steel brackets are a good option for those on a budget, while the 5mm alloy brackets provide a decent weight-saving.

RTB1005M - Alloy Side Brackets

RTB1005M: Racetech milled aluminum bracket for side-mounting seats. Same shape as the RTB1003S but half the weight. 5mm thick 5083 alloy. Sold as..

$119.99 USD Ex Tax:

RTB1009M - Alloy Side Brackets

RTB1009M: Racetech mill-finish 5mm (5083 grade) aluminum brackets for side-mounting seats. Five slots and five holes provide plenty of height and..

$169.99 USD Ex Tax:

RTB2009S - Steel Side Brackets

RTB2009S: Racetech satin black powdercoated 3mm steel brackets for side mounting seats. Sold as a pair. Alongside our new 4100 Series seats,..

$119.99 USD Ex Tax:

Racetech Seat Bolt Kit - M8

The kit comes complete with the same type of bolts (cap screws) and washers sold with every Racetech seat. So if you somehow managed to drop the ..

$9.99 USD Ex Tax:

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