Racetech seat cushions - optional extras or replacement parts. Every body shape is unique; customize your race seat with extra padding and ensure maximum comfort and performance all day long.

Racetech Cushion Set

We make our own cushions to allow for drivers to fit better in some seats. The cushion set is made up of:Head Restraint Pads: Additional cush..

$239.99 USD Ex Tax:

Head Restraint Cushion Set

Additional cushion pads made from EVA foam that reduce the width of the head restraint area and add protection for the driver.Desig..

$69.99 USD Ex Tax:

Head Restraint Energy Absorbing Cushion Set

Additional cushion pads to reduce the width and add 12mm of energy-absorbing EC50 foam protection to the side-head restraints of Racetech 4100 and 411..

$69.99 USD Ex Tax:

Booster Cushion

This EVA foam cushion fits underneath your race seat's base cushion to increase its height. We have two sizes available to ge..

$89.99 USD Ex Tax:

Super-Low Base Cushion Set

The Racetech Super-low Base Cushion is only 15mm thick and allows the driver to sit 30mm lower in the seat compared to the stock standard base cushion..

$159.99 USD Ex Tax:

Thin Base Cushion

The Racetech thin base cushion is a molded foam with an improved design which allows the driver to sit approximately 15mm lower in the seat when ..

$169.99 USD Ex Tax:

Kidney Cushion Set

A pair of cushions, one for each kidney as a means of extra support and padding. Comes with Velcro on the back to position these in the optimal positi..

$79.99 USD Ex Tax:

Lumbar Cushion

This cushion provides extra padding and support to the lumbar area of your lower back. Can be used as padding in other areas of the seat also. Comes w..

$69.99 USD Ex Tax:

4100 Series Lumbar Seat Cushion

Provides extra padding and support to the lumbar area of your back. The cushion comes with sewn-in Velcro strips on each end for positioning in y..

$69.99 USD Ex Tax:

Seat Wedge Cushion

This wedge-shaped cushion fits underneath your standard base cushion to provide some extra lift behind the knees. Comes complete with velcro to s..

$79.99 USD Ex Tax:

Vented Back Cushion

The Racetech vented mesh back cushion is a new design which further enhances driver cooling by using an open mesh through the center of the cushi..

$169.99 USD Ex Tax:

Side Cushion Set

A pair of side cushions for Racetech 4100, 119 and 129 series seats. Improves fitting for those with smaller hips and thighs. This pair..

$89.99 USD Ex Tax:

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