Racetech Sponsorship Policy

Racetech recognises the value of providing products for high-profile vehicles and athletes. These partnerships provide Racetech with increased exposure at races, events and in the media. To maintain (and enhance!) our brand and its image, we require sponsorship partnerships with high-performing teams and individuals. It is for this reason and the fact that we receive many sponsorship requests, that we require you to present a formal written proposal including a completed Sponsorship Application form in order to receive Racetech sponsorship.

The entire proposal must be emailed/faxed/mailed to the Sales Department for review - absolutely no applications will be taken over the phone. Each completed sponsorship proposal will receive proper consideration but there is no guarantee that your application will be successful.

Proposals must include:

  • Owner/competitor information
  • A detailed description of the project/event/vehicle
  • Products requested
  • List of future events or appearances
  • Expected media exposure
  • Photos or videos of you in action
  • Any other information that may help us make a decision on a sponsorship request

Racetech requires all sponsored vehicles/athletes to conform to the following guidelines:

  • Refrain from using or displaying names or products of any competing company
  • Prohibited transfer or modification of any products included in sponsorship package
  • Display the brand (e.g Racetech) and applicable web address - on all displays including the vehicle, sponsor boards or any other display used during promotional activity
  • A written report on the conclusion of each event including photos, copies of media stories/features, videos and any other proof that demonstrates the sponsorship agreement has been fulfilled
  • Complete a Feedback Form detailing your impressions of the product, possible improvements and reactions of others associated with the vehicle or event. This information may be used by Racetech for future media releases

Replacement products will only be provided in the unlikely event of a manufacturer defect. Replacement requests for worn-out products, products that fail due to operator negligence, or for theft will not be honoured.

Racetech retains detailed documentation as evidence to support all sponsorships. We require credit card information including the name of the person or company being sponsored. In the event that Racetech does not receive adequate documentation, as detailed above, within the specified time frame (i.e. 90 days of receipt of product), we reserve the right to charge the full retail price for products that have already been supplied on a sponsorship basis but have not met the guidelines specified in our policy. Those requesting sponsorship agree that should they not supply full documentation demonstrating complete fulfilment of all specifics outlined in the original proposal, they will be charged the full retail price for the product provided.