Hood Pins & Latches

Hood Pins - Stainless Steel

A pair of stainless steel hood strike pins and latches, with mounting hardware. 7/6"-20 Thread Size Pin. Made in England...

$24.99 USD Ex Tax:

Hood Pins - Aluminum

A pair of hood pins and latches, with mounting hardware. Lightweight in alloy. Your choice of gold, blue, red, aluminum or black finish. 7/16"-20..

$24.99 USD Ex Tax:

Trunk Spring Clips

A pair of spring-tensioned latches and mounting hardware. Choose either stainless steel or anodized black. Ideal for securing the trunk, hoo..

$24.99 USD Ex Tax:

Recessed Hood Pin Buckets

Recessed Bonnet Pin Buckets to ensure a streamline finish to your hood. These work in conjunction with our steel and alloy hood pins.  Please se..

$22.99 USD Ex Tax:

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