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RT4100HR Vinyl Racing Seat

Brand: Racetech Manufacturing
Code: RT4100HRV-110
Availability: Call us to Pre-order
$1,599.99 USD

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The RT4100 is a standard-sized fibreglass race seat. We have focused on achieving a lightweight seat shell with optimised geometry. The RT4100 Vinyl is designed for offroad and open vehicles where the seat is likely to get wet. Our patented back-mounted technology has trickled down from the 119 and 129 Series, giving you the option of fixing the seat to the roll cage at shoulder level. Large harness guides and a removable moulded base cushion allow a range of drivers of varying heights to fit. Marine-grade vinyl, parallel sides and pronounced thigh support round off the features of this already accomplished seat. For the larger driver, the RT4100WT is 60mm taller and 40mm wider. Please choose the optional drain holes if the seat is likely to get wet.

Dimensions & Weights:

Model     A B C D E F G H I J K L M Shell Weight Total Weight
4100HRV     23.62" 22.04" 14.96" 18.50" 19.68" 34.25" 24.80" 17.71" 12.59" 30.31" 22.04" 26.37" 15.74" 13.44 lb 17.85 lb
4100THRV     25.19" 24.40" 14.96" 20.07" 19.68" 36.61" 27.16" 17.71" 12.59" 32.67" 24.40" 27.16" 17.32" 14.55 lb 19.40 lb
4100WTHRV     25.19" 24.40" 16.53" 20.07" 19.68" 36.61" 27.16" 17.71" 12.59" 32.67" 24.40" 27.16" 17.32" 14.55 lb 18.85 lb
                Dimensions | inches         Weights | lb

Seat Dimensions KeyDimensions Guide

Common Applications From clubsport to national-level circuit and rally
Stock Color / Material
Gel-coat Gloss black
Seat Cover Marine Grade Vinyl
Wear Patches N/A
FIA Homologation 8855-1999
Shell Construction Fiberglass Composite
Shell Weight From 6.1kg
Sizes HR - Standard
WTHR - Wide & Tall
Head Restraint Integrated head restraint
HANS Compatible Yes
Harness Compatibility Up to 6-point harness
Large Harness Guides Yes
Air Ducting N/A
Back-mount Compatible Yes

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